Our Constant thirst for Entertainment


I’m convicted and at a stand still of my reliance on TV and the internet. I’m realizing that I’m addicted, and this isn’t healthy for my mind, body, and soul. There are so many things that go into our mind through the gateways of our eyes and ears. I’m reflecting on the recent binge watching that I’ve been doing and can honestly say I’ve seen some things these past months that I’ve managed to NOT see for 30 years. What is going on????

The tricky thing with entertainment is it feels good for the moment, we can comment on what we liked, what we didn’t like, talk about it or just ACT like we didn’t see something completely disturbing. This may be a completely unorganized writing, but honestly I just have to get this out. It was either this or writing in my journal, and I’ve decided to type, because well, I’m a faster typist.

The feelings I have right now are a culmination of disappointments in certain TV shows that I’ve watched in the past or attempted to watch and had to cut out of my life. For me watching a good program is therapy. I LOVE a good script, gorgeous backgrounds, and good looking actors. In a way, I’m spoiled. I can turn on Netflix or Hulu, browse by pictures and read write ups and decide if I’ll like a program or if the actors are worth my time. I mean now that I think about it, it’s pretty sad.

What drives ratings? Drama.

Usually negativity.


A whole lotta nonsense!

The crazy thing and probably even more scary part is if a movie is TOO good, too clean, I skip it, because I know I can find something to make me feel better, say oooo, and ahhhh

This past week I binge watched Netflix’s Marvel Iron Fist. It was good. I enjoyed it, there was violence, gore, uncomfortable moments, you know those moments where you cringe because you’re wondering if the actors are going to do something you disagree with morally? There was romance (that’s my G version of the s word) and a whole lotta lotta.

And I enjoyed it.

There was even a moment when I got bored midway but stuck it out and ended up finishing all 13 episodes. In the process I’ve filled my mind with all things superhero and wanted to move on to the next. So I proceeded in the Netflix Marvel series. I decided to work backwards and began watching Luke Cage.

Why? I assumed it was of the same caliber and type work…

But…WHAT WAS THAT? (Said after only watching not even all of the 1st episode)

I’m so disappointed right now. I am a Cinderella, AMC, Turner Classic Movie watching girl who loves to look at light-hearted movies that make me feel like I’m somewhere over the rainbow. I wanna sing in the rain and laugh at the Liza’s of the world who can’t pronounce “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” and at the end is transformed into a beautiful princess who gets the beau.

When I think Superhero, I think good guys.

But I’ve come to realize THIS is not what comics are all about. The first episode of Luke Cage involved a strip club scene (I believe, I fast forwarded and cut it right off), an “INVOLVED” scene, where we see all areas the moon don’t shine on. Blood, violence, etc, etc…

It made me think back on all the times I’ve been well… got.

This one GOT me.

I hate that. My expectations got the best of me, but in the process I’ve managed to pollute my mind and have images of things in my head that I would rather not have.

My mind is racing right now on OTHER recent shows I have watched recently, and have managed to imprint the most depraved images in my thoughts that will always be with me.

I think I may consider boycotting Images for a while now. TV and internet, because I don’t feel I’m doing myself any favors by “entertaining” myself with things that only make me feel more insecure and bad inside.

Maybe I’ll work more on improving actual skills, like knitting, puzzles, reading, writing. Stay tuned, this is definitely a “to be continued”…


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