Do you know how to save?

To save or not to save, that is the question?

Saving is one of those things in life that takes LOTS of discipline. We want everything now, and sometimes don’t have the will power to forfeit quick desires for the “big kahuna” of our hearts fancy. Saving is something that can be learned but not necessarily adapted. It takes YOU to say to yourself, no now, so you can say yes later.

There’s a slow way to win the savings race, which happens to be about 90% of the battle, and there’s a fast way. Saving quickly are those moments in life, say tax return, or Christmas bonus, that comes in, where you can take a big sum and plop it in a savings fund. These types of opportunities to save are welcomed with open arms because certain goals can be reached quicker.

The goal to all saving is to have a goal.

We save because we know that one day we will have to spend. As opposed to putting things on debt, we use cash. One book I highly recommend reading is Dave Ramsey’s, The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. I read this book in totality about 6 years ago and it completely changed my whole mindset in the area of finances. In his book he coaches the reader to get rid of debt and gives practical ways on not depending on debt by improving accessible savings.

The slow way to save is the way to get the most savings in the long run, this takes discipline!

  1. Make a list of things that you will need to purchase and include those things that will require spending. Save for these items slowly.
  2. Take a little out of each check and designate it for specific line items in your “wish list.”
  3. Watch your account grow. As your account grows a big number is seen but a personal account is kept, listing each “wish list” item’s dollar amount.



so you can Spend.Spend.Spend.

Picture the next item on your list in your head… see it? Save so that you can buy it, not loan it, but own it! Headache free and financially capable to live without the burden of paying for it months later.




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