I love Thrift Shopping!

Thrift shopping saves money, if you don’t know, now ya kno.

Before I was married, and before the little ones I spent EVERY week. Why? Because that’s what young folk do. You know, you get paid, you spend every cent, you find new things to spend money on, that you couldn’t afford the week prior. Oh, those were the good ole days. Theeennn I got married. Lol and thennnnn the children came along, and my life was turned upside… down? Right side up? Let’s just say, it changed. Instead of buying $80 dollar jeans, I began to look for what $10 can buy!

Now, my husband has always been a thrifter. He loves to put styles together on a budget, I guess this stems from him belonging to a family of 8, versus my family of 4. Since marriage, I have joined the thrift team and have found that your money can go so far! It’s gotten to the point where I START at the thrift store, and if I have anything left over, I peruse the racks of the discount department stores.

As I look around my house, I see thrift items everywhere! Every room, furniture, clothing, even shoes! I started off as a newbie, afraid to go all in, oh but I’m swimming now, lol! The key with thrift shopping, is shop needs first, not necessarily the #1 choice items, but what can fill the space. So if you’re lacking in a couch, shop couch, if you’re lacking in a basic white tee, shop that. Fulfill the needs, and once those have been met, the fun can begin!

Thrift often! New items are donated often, and I for one have been blessed with brand new items on a regular. It’s a thrifter’s dream to come across an item that fits, that works, and it has never been touched, or still has a price tag attached. For all the mommas out there, we can still keep our style, and have everything we want…now. If you can’t afford department prices, thrift! Sometimes it takes a bit longer to find dream items, but you can afford to make yourself happy, and still dish out the benjie’s for the family’s needs as well. 🙂

Here are some thrift items I recently purchased!


2 dresses $6 each

1 dress shirt $3


Bag $4


Stainless Steel Microwave $65

Total: $78


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