Funny Things

Hilarious, Doggonit!

Recently, driving in my car, and listening to a nationally syndicated radio program I learned a new term… doggonit…

I’m in the car with my husband and we are listening to a politically charged radio segment, when a caller decides to express his voting preferences most profoundly. Doggonit was his word and he laced his every sentence and sentiment with it. LOL! I’ll give you a preview, it went something like this…

(Said with passion)

I voted for blank doggonit, I just know they are gonna fix the problems that we are seeing today…

I just don’t understand how anyone can vote for blank doggnoit,

and if I have to do it again, I’ll still vote for blank doggonit, because they will change the world…doggonit

And doggonit etc, etc, etc…


All that to say my husband and I were cracking up and doggonit became our new favorite word. If you see this word in future posts know that this is what is on my own mind, lol!

Life is good doggonit! Let’s enjoy every minute of it!

-Lady of H


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