Just throw it Away!

Want a good smelling fridge? … Just throw it away!

U know that piece of food that u cooked last week but forgot about. Smell test first, if there’s a stench it’s old food or something that needs a little wiping. Find that little fellow and trash em. Teach your kids to take things out orderly, and eye test regularly. I’m one to not clean everything, everyday. But I rely heavily on eye tests. If I see it, I wipe it. If something spills, clean it immediately. It’s nothing like a smelly fridge. And you know it’s the fridge when every time you open it, your nose starts talking to ya. Just throw it away!

Now, there are times a good deep cleaning is necessary. In those cases take everything out, Wipe it down, wash the glass and return everything to there proper place. The end result will change your life and make everybody return to their every day happy life.

Smells will turn your life upside down, make you a little unnerved, and have you searching like you lost something. Don’t let the smelly fridge take over, unless it wants to contribute to the monthly living fee.



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