My First Entry

Today is the first day of my writing on WordPress. I’ve written before in the blogosphere and I’ve learned that it is no easy task. Still don’t quite get how it works. Honestly speaking it amazes me how far everything has come. I look at how technology has advanced and I feel as though I am getting lost with the times. Today is a day when I most definitely feel overwhelmed. I feel as though I’m a member of the Flintstones, and I’m only 30! My goodness, there are so many talented people! You enter into a space and feel like who’s gonna even notice me in a sea of pros. People seem to know how to do everything nowadays. From editing to videos to creating cartoons, I mean really! I want to blog, but I’ve been online enough times to know that it can be so consuming! Oh my! And competitive! Oh yes, and tiring ummhmmm. I don’t know if my posts will be interesting or not, I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it, but I’m gonna be me as real as I know how in this competitive reality of “everybody’s a pro already, why aren’t you?”

Stickin with what I kno






2 thoughts on “My First Entry

  1. Congratulation on your first blog post on wordpress, you should be proud of yourself. Let out your sound, and your voice will be heard by those who needs hear it. Remember you are only in competition with being your authentic self. I can relate with being overwhelm and trying to keep up with the new tech savy millennials, you can feel like you are left behind if you are not In the social media loop. My advice to you is be authentic, have fun and stay focus on your WHY behind why you are blogging. Can wait to read more blog post from you.

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