Family Dollar vs. Dollar General

Which is better?

I regularly bargain shop at the cheapest and most reachable stores. These happen to include the dollar store giants Family Dollar and Dollar General. I’ve been to both but have fallen in love with one over the other… Family Dollar.

Now I don’t like to drive far to shop, unless I’m in shopping mode (and that usually is when I get the pleasure of shopping for just me… and by my lonesome self, free of kids that is…). The funny thing is the family dollar is a little farther away from my home abode but I must be honest, I enjoy it’s selection better. I don’t know what it is, I just do. For one there’s a wider selection, seems I can find there, what I would want at Walmart but I don’t have to drive as far.

Now don’t get me wrong I loovvee Walmart, it just so happens that the dollar stores are closer… and this isn’t such a bad thing.

Some recent purchases that I’ve bought and were happy with at the Family Dollar (This, all within the last month which is a lot for me cause I hang on to my coins):

  1. Stainless steel forks ($1 each)
  2. Stainless steel spoons ($1 each)
  3. Lots of spoons actually (about 4 sets on 3 occassions)
  4. Paw Patrol cup ($1.50)
  5. Paw Patrol bowls ($1)
  6. Potting soil ($1)
  7. White disposable small cups ($1)
  8. 4 Dark Grey towels ($2.50 each)
  9. Girl headbands ($1) (3 different sets)
  10. Girls bonnet ($1)

Dollar General is great but hey, Family Dollar has won my heart. 🙂




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