Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood- Empowerment

Who were women created to be? Are we here by accident? Is our identity marked by how others see us? I think the answer to these questions are all summed up in this statement: God created woman to be the help meet for man. That is a strong declaration but it also a true one.… Continue reading Biblical Womanhood- Empowerment


Our Constant thirst for Entertainment

I'm convicted and at a stand still of my reliance on TV and the internet. I'm realizing that I'm addicted, and this isn't healthy for my mind, body, and soul. There are so many things that go into our mind through the gateways of our eyes and ears. I'm reflecting on the recent binge watching… Continue reading Our Constant thirst for Entertainment


Family Dollar vs. Dollar General

Which is better? I regularly bargain shop at the cheapest and most reachable stores. These happen to include the dollar store giants Family Dollar and Dollar General. I've been to both but have fallen in love with one over the other... Family Dollar. Now I don't like to drive far to shop, unless I'm in… Continue reading Family Dollar vs. Dollar General